First week in Asia

10 Feb

It has been a great first week and a half here in South Asia. We have been blown away by how God has provided for us through our move and early time here. It is a totally different culture and language than we are used to, but fortunately in the city a lot of people can speak at least a little english, and so me and cynt usually spend time saying the same thing over and over with different accents until people here understand,… or at least get tired of trying to understand us! We are so thankful for the amount of prayer support we have had from our friends, family and partners back in the states and we know God hears your prayers and has definitely shown up and shown off, as my missions pastor mike megginson always says.
The girls are adjusting very well, it has really helped having another american family with children here to show them the ropes and hang out and play with them. They started school four days after we got here and have loved it! It was actually Myra’s first time in a real school and she was pumped! Maddie has enjoyed it also, even though she wasn’t the biggest fan of going at first. In her typical fashion, she comes home most days bragging on how fast she is getting through with her work, she gets that from her mom…They have already made some friends that live in our apartment complex and have gotten to experience some firsts. Already, they have seen wild monkeys, ridden in auto taxi’s through the city, and ate local food with their hands!
We had a great opportunity to visit Ziah children’s home this past Sunday with the girls. We had visited there twice before, but this was the first time the girls had. From some stories you hear of children’s home over here, Ziah mission is definitely different. These kids have so much joy and love in their hearts, they know they are loved and they know God loves them, and they immediately took our kids in and played and danced with them. One of the cool things this journey has shown us, both here and in Honduras, is that kids are so open and loving toward each, regardless of color, language, etc. Maddie and Myra can not communicate well with the kids here yet, but they have no problems playing and hanging out together. We were able to share a very sweet time of prayer with the kids for an upcoming ministry event taking place in another city this week. It was really neat hearing the sincerity in the kids prayers! We look forward to partnering with these kids in the future and helping out however we can. Pastor Prasanth and his wife Grace have helped us out a lot driving us around when the kids are at school, they even woke up very early to pick us up from the airport when we arrived.  We look forward to working with some of his pastors that he has helped along the way in some tribal areas.
This little girl is in our apartment a lot, we have a little help throughout the day from a lady and this is her daughter.
IMG_6362We want to thank everyone for your prayers and financial partnership as we have continued on this journey, and would love again to ask your prayers for an upcoming event.  We will be traveling to a different city this weekend, to help with a big evangelism event that has already started.  The group there has been sharing the Gospel, washing feet, handing out flip flops and hygiene items. This awesome event also includes worship music led by locals as well as motorcycle and bmx experts showing out for the Lord.  Pray for this event please. That people would come to know who the Savior is and will turn and follow Him.  Thanks again for everything you have done to help us get here!

God bless



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