Just a little update!

12 Mar

The past few months have been busy here!  Maddie and Myra are still loving school where they have made friends from all over the world.  Recently Myra tried out for the school play where she will play the role of Athena.  She’s loved getting to be a part of the production and we’re excited to watch her in action in a few weeks!  She’s also enjoyed getting to participate in many of the other school activities.


Maddie has been busy joining a few of the sports teams which allows her to travel to different cities and compete with other International schools.  In Feb.  she participated in a sports festival where she played soccer and basketball with other middle schoolers.


The kids of Anchor Navy have also been busy and blowing us away with all of their progress.  We did have 8 of the 15 (at that time) kids in our home come down with the Measles.  That was a pretty rough couple of weeks as we had to keep them quarantined attempting to not get the others sick.  They were troopers and we all survived the craziness the virus brought on!

Kiara, Emi,  Zack, Clay, Eli, Nevaeh, Jamila, and Addie are all talking machines.  Their vocabularies have blossomed and they are talking, talking, talking all day long.  They love pretend play with baby dolls and the toy kitchen and have really started loving outside play where they run, jump on the trampoline, and play on ride on toys.  They also enjoy circle time and small group instruction with our Anchor home teachers.


Connor, Abigail, Margaret, Blaire, and Kristy, are big fans of circle time and their adaptive class time with Puri.  During this time they get to explore different textures, smells (each smell represents a different day of the week for their calendar time), music, and story time.  We love having special time that accommodates the learning of all of our kiddo’s!


We did say goodbye to one of our sweeties as she went to be with her forever family!  Isabella has been greatly missed as our home is a lot quieter, but we are so happy that she is with a family who loves her so much!   We know the Lord has big plans for this amazing little girl and we feel truly blessed to have been a small part of her life.  Thank you to all of her supporters that partnered with Isabella over the years!

We are so grateful for our friends and family who have partnered with us and with the children over the years!  If you would like to partner with one of our kiddo’s, or just make a one time donation to Anchor home.  Here are a few links you can follow.

Nevaeh is a beautiful, energetic little girl that brings light into any room she enters.  Recently, she underwent an operation correcting her clubbed feet and is now marching around so well!  She is only $85 dollars a month away to being fully sponsored.  If you would like to partner with this little fire cracker and become one of her monthly sponsors, please follow this link!



We are also looking for sponsors for our amazing Anchor home teacher, Puri. This sweet soul is the backbone of our home.  She loves and teaches these children so well.  Puri’s monthly salary is 9000 rupees a month ( $137.00).  If you would like to become a monthly salary towards this important lady, you can follow this link.




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