23 Sep

So over the last month a ton of things have taken place.  As we noted last month, or family move into a new flat beneath  Anchor home, which is the building where our now 15 foster children live.  We’ve somewhat settled into our own space as a family and even hung a few pictures on the wall!  The girls are still loving their new school, praise God.  Both girls have joined the soccer team and Myra has also  joined swim team!  We are loving their school and the fact that they are able to interact with children from all over the world.

We FINALLY were able to move our little babies into Anchor home.  Over the move, we acquired a few new cuties and are thrilled to have them as a  part of our family.   We’re still sorting our a schedule and routines and spacial issues, but all is well and the kiddo’s are so loved.  One of our favorite new activities is family worship in the evening before the kids go to bed.  We sing worship songs in English and Telugu, pray, and share how much they are loved and how God created them for a purpose.  The care givers love this time as well!

Please continue to pray for our family as we constantly battle health issues.  Jacob was in the hospital last week with dengue fever and the girls have had stomach issues.  I have had a cold, but nothing unmanageable!  God is good and the great Healer and has shown this to us over and over again.

We are so grateful for your prayers for our family as well as our foster babies.  We would not be able to do any of this without your support and prayers.  Our family misses all of you like crazy and with the holiday season as well as football season coming up, we REALLY miss our friends and family.  We love y’all!


Here is a link to our amazon.in link if interested.  As you know, it’s not easy starting a new home and we gratefully appreciate any help!




Aslo, as we’re always saying…. WE could use more sponsors for our children.  If you are interested please follow this link.  We would love to get the amazing Zack sponsored fully as soon as possible.  This little guy is a true gem.  Consider being a part of his team!





If you are interested in continuing to sponsor the Baker family, feel free to click on the link  to the right of the page and if you are considering sponsoring 1Path which contributes to needs in areas such as pastoral care, orphan care, widow care, dental care, as well as other needs, please click on the 1Path link.  Thank you and God Bless!


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