Update on our trip to Honduras with the kids

5 Apr



We’re on the final countdown now for our big move to Honduras.  Last month we were able to take the girls to visit the orphanage and spend 11 days getting to know the children as well as some of the families in the community of Urraco.  They fell in love with the area and the children, which was a true answer to prayer.

During our visit we were able to participate in many of the activities which will become our normal way of life very soon.  Helping milk the cows, gathering eggs from the chicken coop, spending time with the orphans and their house parents and learning to cook Honduran style food to name a few.

We were also able to discuss with Sarah and Jason Furrow, the directors of Give Hope 2 Kids, what our roles and responsibilities will be during our time with the ministry.  Jacob will be assisting with and learning about the ministry administration, coordinating healthcare for children, workers, and volunteers, helping host groups, etc.  I will be tracking developmental milestones and helping document progress of the kids in the children’s homes.  This will also provide the opportunity to implement strategies to help the children in identified areas of need.

Maddie and Myra will be busy doing their homeschool work as well as attending some classes in the local village primary school.  Jason and Sarah also gave them the job of collecting the eggs every morning, counting the eggs, and logging the number of eggs they gather.  After that they will distribute the eggs to each of the ministry homes.  They are so excited about their job!

We will be moving to Honduras on May 30, 2013.  Thank you all for your continued prayers and support during this transition.  If you are interested in partnering with us financially, we have set up a link on our blog for you to do so.  Again, we are so humbled by all of the prayers and encouragement each of you have offered.


The Bakers



An update on whats been going on in the past month

18 Jan

We have had Many great things happen since we posted our last blog.   We were able to enjoy Christmas and New Years in Columbus with our families and even had a chance to go on an anniversary trip! Thank you for your interest in what God is doing in our life’s. As always we are grateful for your support and your prayers, without which, this whole transition and move would be much more difficult.

Here are some of what’s been going on in our life:

We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary! *Jacob and I are attending a missions class (Perspectives on the world Christian movement) at Globe international in Pensacola,to learn more about sharing the gospel to All people groups across all nations. * We continue trying to figure out the best materials to take to Honduras for homeschooling our girls. * AIM (assistance in missions) has taken us on to help us raise support. * We have learned that deodorant costs around 8.00 in Honduras and there is no such thing as contact lens solution. * We have started collecting toiletries to take over to Honduras with us 🙂 * We have attempted to make Honduran food (tres leche cake, balleadas, puposas, and fresh salsa).  We think we were successful! * The girls have started taking guitar and piano lessons. * Missionary friends in Honduras have helped us figure out how to ship things over by way of a cargo ship out of New Orleans. *  Learned that we need a rice cooker.  I didn’t know rice cookers existed. *  Researched how to line dry clothes. * All of us now have rain boots and Keens, which are nice to have in the Jungle. * Bought plane tickets to go down to Honduras at the end of February and take the kids with us for the first time. I’m sure I will think of many more things I could have written, but that’s all for now.

Please join us in prayer for the following needs:

*Selling our home in Fairhope. *Financial Support *Our family will quickly learn Spanish and adapt peacefully to the culture. *Educating our own children. *Pray that God will use us in a mighty way to show His love as we serve the people of Urraco and the children of Give Hope 2 Kids. *Pray that we always keep God’s glory and prase first and forefront in our ministry and that everything thing we would do for others comes from that. *Image Blessings, Cynthia and Jacob