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Mixed Emotions

9 Feb

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As we sit here packing on sunday afternoon, trying to figure out what in the world we will need while we are back in the states, and also trying to pack for a quick 10 trip to India, we have mixed emotions. We have been gone from our birth home for a little over 8 months, and we long to see our family and friends who we have missed so much, and have been so encouraging to us along the way. Our kids are so excited about seeing their friends, eating Chik-Fil-a and riding horses. I know my wife can’t wait to enjoy a hot bath. I just want a bunch of dinglewood scrambled dogs, and good ol’ southern bbq.
We can’t wait to tell people all the we have learned about orphan ministry at GiveHope2Kids and all that God has taught us along the way. How He continues to show up and confirm everything we felt He was calling us to do. We pray that as we are back it doesn’t become so much about what we have done, but much more so about what He has done, and what He is doing. We look forward to seeing everyone soon, in Birmingham we will be having a get together on March 1 at our friends, the Gossett’s house. We also hope to have get togethers in Columbus,Ga as well as Fairhope, Al while we are there.
But with all that excitement about seeing everyone, there comes the realization that we will be leaving our temporary home we have come to love here. The beautiful mountains we get to see everyday, going to sleep with the noise of a creek flowing in the background will be missed, though I don’t think we will miss the roosters crowing at 3 in the morning. We will miss the Americans we minister along with here, as well as the amazing Hondurans who day in and day out model sacrificial living to us in ways we have never seen or experienced before. We will miss the all the kids here, their smiles, their laughter, their goofiness. I will miss driving on the roads here with very fews laws, and hope I don’t forget that in the US there is such a thing as speed limits and other traffic laws. Cynt has always said i was made for driving in third world countries :). We prayed for so long about where God would want us, and now we are here, constantly being reaffirmed that this is where He wants us for now, but now leaving for a short time to be refreshed and rested will be a challenge.
And then as we look forward also to a future in orphan ministry, praying about where He would want our next steps to be. Staying in Honduras and replicating this model somewhere else, another country, another continent are all things we are praying about and trying to figure out. So we will be traveling back starting Monday morning, flying back to the States on Tuesday, spending about 26 hours there, and then catching a short flight to India for 10 days, to visit several different pastors and orphanages. Then we will be back in the States for the end of February and all of March. God has brought us places we would have never thought of 10 yrs ago, and we have no clue about our distant future, but we do know this, this journey God has brought us on has been more fulfilling than anything we had done before, and we long to continue this thing until God says we are done.
We hope to see all of y’all soon, and thanks so much for the support.
God Bless