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16 Aug

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Summer’s Over!

20 Jul

It has been a really good, yet really busy past month and a half. Our girls had the privilege of going back to the states with my parents at the end of May, and were able to spend all of June going to summer camp, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends and family. We were so blessed by our family and friends that made all this happen for them. We are so thankful for the family and friends that God has put in our lives that care for our children so much. They came back the first week of July, and thankfully, actually seemed excited to be back! So Praise God for their hearts being ready to get back over here!  And they seemed actually pretty excited to be starting school again today.

IMG_7975During the time while they were gone, we were able to get adjusted to the new apartment we moved to at the end of May, and were able to get our feet wet and start working with a local children’s home with kids with special needs. We won’t post the name here on the blog, because this is a public forum and anyone can read and know exactly where we are, but we will post more on facebook and in our prayer updates. (If you aren’t getting our prayer updates, please let us know and we will add your email address to it) We also can’t post full picture of faces due to government regulations here.


IMG_8206We are working with this home, helping foster around 26 kids, ages 6 months to 12 years old. There disabilities range from cerebral palsy, spina bifida, hydrocephalous, blindness, and ereythmalysis bullosa. We just had an amazing team from Switzerland come for 2 weeks.

sometimes we just have to get really close to the worship music!

sometimes we just have to get really close to the worship music!

The team was made up of physical therapist, occupational therapists, special educators, nurses, doctors and they were able to give us lots of tips and advice for ways we could better help these kids.  It was pretty cool for us to see people from so many different backgrounds all gather to help for the same purpose.  God created us all, with so many different gifts and talents, but yet we can be unified through all of that for His Glory.  No one being left behind, but all having a purpose that we can use to show His love and share His message.  We look forward to over the next couple of weeks trying to implement these things we have learned from the team.

We were also able to partner with some friends here trying to engage an unreached people group in June.  We were able to visit a smaller city and host a dental camp at a local church.  It was a lot of fun to get out of the city and see some of the country and smaller cities.  We were able to see and treat about 70-80 patients and hopefully help create some new relationships with locals there that will help the spread of the Gospel to an unreached group.

IMG_5964 IMG_7591While we were there, we also were able to visit a local children’s home.  The home had about 40 kids there, all supported locally, and we were able to share a little about our God’s story in our life and the Gospel.  Of course, we were also able to share some mango juice



and cookies with them also!  It is always exciting for us to see locals living out God’s plan for their lives!  IMG_7560 IMG_7532


The father’s story is pretty cool, his wife was pregnant and had gotten very sick, the Doctor thought that she would die while giving birth.  The father kept thinking, how can I raise a kid without the child’s mother.  Thanks to God, the mother survived and their family is healthy and growing.  But God used that trial for His Glory, using it to place a desire in their hearts to help orphans, those without parents, and so this home started.  Isn’t is amazing that God can use any hurt, or trial for His Glory, and He can use all of that in a way that we can help others in the future going through similar situations?

Fortunately we have also had several opportunities to share with our neighbors around us about what God has done in our lives, about how our lives were different before our relationship with God, how He changed us, and He can change others also.  The Gospel works for everyone, regardless of what situation anyone is in, we are all sinners, separated from God, but by His love and mercy and grace, He sent His only Son, to die on  a Cross, so we could have forgiveness of our sins, our relationship with Him could be restored.  He raised Jesus from the dead, defeating death!  That is a story that is good news for everyone, in every situation.  IMG_7681

And the great thing about that story, and the story of God working in your life, is that it is not just for pastor’s to share on stage on sunday mornings, it is not just for people who live overseas to share, it is a story that we all can share, everywhere.  Whether we are in our homes, our neighborhoods, our communities, no matter where we are, we can all share God’s story, to anyone and everyone.


DSC02258Praise God we also finally received our stuff that had been locked up in customs since february.  We were able to receive everything the night before the kids arrived back here.  We were able to put their beds together, so that when they got here in the morning, they were able to walk into their new room, finally with a bed!  They were pretty excited to finally be able to get settled in and start decorating their room!  Air mattresses can get a little old after awhile for sure.  That is not all of our stuff in the picture, it consists of some of our home stuff, 12,000 pairs of flip-flops, another families home goods, and supplies for a school in a different city!

Thanks again for all your support and prayers over the past several months, it has definitely made a huge difference in our lives here.  We look forward to posting in the near future about how you can get involved with the special needs children’s home we serve alongside, how you can help with prayers, sponsorships, medical bills and supplies, etc.  Thanks again for everything!

God bless



It’s gettin’ hot in here…

30 May


So, It’s been a crazy last month to say the least.  School was out for all the kids here and the temperatures starting rising, and rising.  At first, we thought, this heat isn’t too bad, we’re from the south, we can handle it, but then the last two – three weeks came, and it was really HOT!  Several days were up to 115 degrees F.  There were reports of over 1200 people dying in this state and the one next to it, but in all likelihood, with the amount of people living in villages and tribal areas, that number is probably much higher!  We have been fortunate to finally get our a/c fixed so we can now bear the heat at night, Praise the Lord.

We have been able to take most of the kids at Ziah Mission to the city for a treat to the mall, they all wanted the same thing, to eat at Chili’s, play video games and arcades and then have dessert at dunkin donuts, which just happened to open up here about 2 months ago.

IMG_7803 IMG_7780 IMG_7869 IMG_7814 IMG_7807

You want to see what it looks like when dunkin donuts opens in Asia?, here is a pic!IMG_7435

We were also able to buy Ziah Mission 4 box a/c fans for their home, if we are beating the heat, we want to help others to do the same.  Thanks to our great friends at AIM, for helping with the cost, supplying $400 of the $750 of the price.  If you want to still contribute to the cost of helping these amazing kids beat the heat, please click on the 1 Path donation button on the right side of the page!

11328163_10200386998473182_1648673208_o ac pic

We have been able to work with a couple more dental camps in various areas around the city, it has been a lot of fun working with local dentists and pastors helping meet the needs of the people in their communities.  One of those dentist even helped me receive an Indian Dental License, who would have thought?  I tried to thank her, but she immediately turned all the attention to God for allowing that process to go through and actually go through quickly, which is a bit of a surprise here.

About that container we had shipped with some friends last december, well, it is still stuck in customs, getting closer day by day, inch by inch.  Please keep that in prayer!  There are many things on the container that various ministries had hoped to already use to help meets the needs of the needy and share the Gospel, and then there is our stuff for our home, we sure would love to sleep in a bed again some day!

Towards the end of April we were also able to travel to a village area about 4 hours away with a local pastor here who runs a children’s home, and visit with about 15 local pastors serving in villages in that area.  We enjoyed being able to share the Gospel, share about the importance of staying in the Word, and daily prayer time.  The second day we were able to speak on church planting movements that have been going on across the world the past 20 years and what those movements looked like.  We look forward to meeting them again soon and talking more about church planting movements.IMG_7537IMG_7634

About our home, some crazy news that happened very quickly last week, we moved!  Not far, but across town about 30 minutes.  If you have been following our blog or our prayer mail out, you know Cynt has been volunteering on Mondays with a local organization going into a government childrens home working with newborns and premies.  Feeding them, holding them, changing diapers, etc.  They have many babies in this room, with usually only 2 ayahs(caregiver) who are overworked and tired. It is a pretty sad situation, babies who need so much care and support, and unfortunately haven’t been able to receive it.  We wanted to inquire about helping in some way, through fostering or adopting or whatever way we could help these babies who aren’t thriving.  We were led to another organization, Sarah’s Covenant Home, which has been doing foster care with some of the babies as well as babies with special needs, which is of course what Cynthia’s degree is in.  We have come on to help in foster care of one of their homes while their foster mom is back in the states trying to reapply for her visa.  We are excited about this, and are looking forward to how we can do this on a more permanent basis in the future.  We had been told it would be better to live closer to the homes, so we had began looking without much luck at first.  We had been told by people and realtors with your budget, that is not possible in this area.  We were driving around Saturday 2 weeks ago with the whole family in tow, and were praying for God to open doors or close doors, but to do something to let us know what He wanted us to do.  Sure enough we drove up to one of the houses, and the house directly next door to the children’s home, had a ground floor just come up for rent, within our budget!  As my mission pastor Mike Megginson always says, “God shows up, and He shows off”.  And that He did, showing us a place right next to where we wanted to serve.  As we were walking up to see the apartment, Maddie said,” I can hear the babies crying!”  It has been a lot of fun seeing how excited she has been since we moved, asking each day, can we walk them, can we go hold them, can we do this or that.

We haven’t been able to do too much this week, my parents arrived last week, and we have spent this week showing around and introducing them to some of the things we have been doing.  And now they have left to head back to the states, with our kids with them!  That’s right, our daughters are headed back, in a plane right now to spend the next 5 weeks in the States, or home as they call it.  We are very excited about this adventure they are going to experience.  My parents are sending them to summer camp, then to the beach, and then I believe they will even get a quick trip to Fairhope!  We sure will miss them, but can’t wait to hear about all they get to do without us.

We want to thank all of our partners back home so much.  For anyone interested in partnering with us in fundraising, we are still short of our monthly needs to be here, around $400 or so each month, so if you are interested, we would love for you to be a financial partner with us this year.  Just click on the AIM paypal button on the right of this blog, if that covers our personal living expenses.  This journey so far in South Asia hasn’t been the easiest with all the twist and turns this country throws at you, but through it all it has helped us to rely on God, to seek Him daily and we know that He is enough, when finances are tight and stretched, when we don’t have beds or some of the other things that are in the container, when the car isn’t working, God is still good, and He is enough and we are satisfied with all the blessings He has given us.  So once again thank you so much for our prayer partners, our financial partners, our friends who allow us to be real with them, we thank our families, and most of all, we thank God as he guides us, loves us, saves us, forgives us and  uses us for His Glory.  For that, we are so thankful.

God bless,


Looking for some transportation

17 Feb

As some of you know, our family has been praying about purchasing a vehicle. We love riding in Auto Taxis, but we could use another mode of transportation. Driving around the city as well as out into villages will be much easier and more cost efficient if we purchase a car. The cost of the car is $5,000. If you would like to donate to the purchase of this vehicle you can make a tax deductible gift by clicking on the Paypal button on our blog located under “Donate to Baker Family.” Thanks for all of your support!



First week in Asia

10 Feb

It has been a great first week and a half here in South Asia. We have been blown away by how God has provided for us through our move and early time here. It is a totally different culture and language than we are used to, but fortunately in the city a lot of people can speak at least a little english, and so me and cynt usually spend time saying the same thing over and over with different accents until people here understand,… or at least get tired of trying to understand us! We are so thankful for the amount of prayer support we have had from our friends, family and partners back in the states and we know God hears your prayers and has definitely shown up and shown off, as my missions pastor mike megginson always says.
The girls are adjusting very well, it has really helped having another american family with children here to show them the ropes and hang out and play with them. They started school four days after we got here and have loved it! It was actually Myra’s first time in a real school and she was pumped! Maddie has enjoyed it also, even though she wasn’t the biggest fan of going at first. In her typical fashion, she comes home most days bragging on how fast she is getting through with her work, she gets that from her mom…They have already made some friends that live in our apartment complex and have gotten to experience some firsts. Already, they have seen wild monkeys, ridden in auto taxi’s through the city, and ate local food with their hands!
We had a great opportunity to visit Ziah children’s home this past Sunday with the girls. We had visited there twice before, but this was the first time the girls had. From some stories you hear of children’s home over here, Ziah mission is definitely different. These kids have so much joy and love in their hearts, they know they are loved and they know God loves them, and they immediately took our kids in and played and danced with them. One of the cool things this journey has shown us, both here and in Honduras, is that kids are so open and loving toward each, regardless of color, language, etc. Maddie and Myra can not communicate well with the kids here yet, but they have no problems playing and hanging out together. We were able to share a very sweet time of prayer with the kids for an upcoming ministry event taking place in another city this week. It was really neat hearing the sincerity in the kids prayers! We look forward to partnering with these kids in the future and helping out however we can. Pastor Prasanth and his wife Grace have helped us out a lot driving us around when the kids are at school, they even woke up very early to pick us up from the airport when we arrived.  We look forward to working with some of his pastors that he has helped along the way in some tribal areas.
This little girl is in our apartment a lot, we have a little help throughout the day from a lady and this is her daughter.
IMG_6362We want to thank everyone for your prayers and financial partnership as we have continued on this journey, and would love again to ask your prayers for an upcoming event.  We will be traveling to a different city this weekend, to help with a big evangelism event that has already started.  The group there has been sharing the Gospel, washing feet, handing out flip flops and hygiene items. This awesome event also includes worship music led by locals as well as motorcycle and bmx experts showing out for the Lord.  Pray for this event please. That people would come to know who the Savior is and will turn and follow Him.  Thanks again for everything you have done to help us get here!

God bless


jan blog

9 Jan

As our family prepares to move to South Asia in a few weeks, we have so much to look back on and be reminded just how faithful our Lord is. Friends and family have blessed us with jobs, cars, a home, meals, and countless other things. Our time back in the states has been productive and we’ve made some sweet memories. Our girls had been begging to see snow for about a year and we were able to take a road trip up the East Coast and go snow tubing. We also got to visit our nephew in Annapolis so the girls could see where there cousin is in school. We had a blast!

Jacob has made countless trips to and from Atlanta working on visa’s for the family.   By God’s grace, we received Jacob’s business visa this week, and hopefully by the end of today, the rest of the families visas will be in hand. We are looking forward to working within the 10/40 window.  If you are not familiar with the 10/40 window, it is an area between 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north latitude.  Many of the worlds unreached people groups lie within this geographical area.

We are headed to an area that is below 5% Christian.  In November, we travelled to this area and visited several cities and met with local pastors.  One thing that is exciting to us is that we, or anyone going to do ministry, are not starting from scratch, but we are all following God into something that He has already started.  We had a great experience seeing what God is already doing through some of His pastors over there, local people following God and doing what they can through His power to make a difference in the lives of orphans and widows and the disadvantaged.

We also were able to meet up with another American family doing some pretty cool things with the people in need there and we look forward to helping them out also, in the future.  As of right now, Americans are not allowed to legally open an orphanage.  We are excited about working alongside some existing orphanages run by locals, and helping however we can by assisting them in any capacity possible.

Through our training in the past, it was constantly pushed that we, as foreigners, should do everything we can to empower the locals.  To encourage and assist them to be everything God desires them to be.  Our vision and desire is to aid and assist locals, through education, discipleship, encouragement, meeting physical needs, and helping people learn how to make a living.  Throughout all of this,  sharing the hope and love of a Savior who loves them, who desires to forgive them and restore them into an intimate relationship with Himself.

During our visit we were introduced to a few individuals in the medical and dental professions who we will potentially  partner with to do medical/dental camps.  These camps will be held in unreached villages as a way to share the Gospel and plant churches.  The area which we will be going has many needs, and we know we are not the solution.  People cannot change a country, but we have an almighty Creator God who can change a lives, communities, and nations.

As we prepare to move to the other side of the world we ask that you keep our family and 1 Path in your prayers.  Pray specifically for our health, wisdom as we begin to immerse ourselves into a new culture, and that our hearts will be prepared as we take this next step in obedience to where God is leading. Without your prayers and support, none of this would be possible.

Maddie and Myra enjoying the snow!

Maddie and Myra enjoying the snow!

Josh and the girls and the Naval Academy.

Josh and the girls and the Naval Academy.

A widow and her 2 daughters who lived in one of the villages we hope to work with.

A widow and her 2 daughters who lived in one of the villages we hope to work with.

A widow who was grateful to have visitors.  She is a grandmother raising her 7 grandchildren.

A widow who was grateful to have visitors. She is a grandmother raising her 7 grandchildren.

A local pastor and his wife who run a children's home.  We are excited about partnering with them.

A local pastor and his wife who run a children’s home. We are excited about partnering with them.

Back in ‘Merica

31 Oct

The past 2 months have been a world wind of traveling and fun catching up with friends and family back here in the states.  We have been blessed by an amazing outpouring of support from everyone.  People have offered so much help to us and we are so appreciative.  We have settled in Loxley, Al the past month, living at the parsonage of Loxley First Baptist which we are very thankful to have the use of.  The first 6 weeks being back in the states was a little bit of a challenge living out of a suitcase, but it has been great being able to unpack and get back to some serious homeschool with the kids, though I’m sure the kids would have enjoyed not getting back into that yet.  We have had friends at church offer us vehicles, furniture, dishes, beds, etc.  Our home church in Fairhope, 3 Circle Church, has continued to go above and beyond anything we could ever deserve, and we are so thankful for that.

getting to meet Jannybel!

getting to meet Jannybel!

Just a little update on what has been going on since we have been back.  We were able to visit some friends, Josh and Diana Britnell in Nicaragua at Children of Destiny Orphanage for a week to get another look at how an orphanage is being run and try to learn some more about orphan ministry.  It was a really good experience, meeting all the beautiful kids there, and seeing how all the Nicaraguans work together and seeing how the Britnells and Children of Destiny are empowering the locals to leadership within the orphanage.  While we were there, we got to go swim in an old volcano.  Seriously, that was awesome!  DSC02218




A volcano which was inactive, had filled up over many years and the water was beautiful.  Then we were able to meet our Compassion child Jannybel.  It was amazing seeing the compassion center near her home, meeting her and her family, and visiting her home.  It seemed she was very excited to meet us.  All the girls immediately starting holding hands and walking around talking to each other.  Her mom even cooked some food for us, with Coke!  It really was pretty cool seeing Compassion at work, and the difference Jesus was making in Jannybell’s life through Compassion.  Hearing her prayers at meals was exciting!

Excited to speak English with each other!

Excited to speak English with each other!

Since we have been back from Nicaragua, we have been keeping busy preparing for our upcoming move to South Asia, homeschool with the girls, Cynt has been fortunate to be able to do some substitute teaching at Loxley Elementary School and I have had the opportunity to work several days in Atmore, Al at Atmore Family Dental.  Over the past month it has been unbelievable how God has continued to open doors for our upcoming move and how He continues to reconfirm the direction He has pointed us toward.  We applied for 5 year visas, but when we went to get our passports, we were given 10 year visas instead.  We have also had the opportunity to meet with a family in our hometown of Columbus which has been doing ministry in South Asia for 30 years and they have given us tons of info and helped us to make even more contacts over there.  All of this has been absolutely unbelievable the amount of help and info we have received from everyone.

The start of the non-profit for the ministry, 1 PATH, is going well.  We are just waiting for final approval from the government, which can take a couple of months, but we can already start receiving donations which will be tax deductible.

Tomorrow Cynthia and I will travel overseas to South Asia for two weeks as we look to figure out exactly where we will live and meet with several different people on the ground we hope to partner with in ministry while we are there.

We ask for prayers as we travel, prayers for wisdom and guidance, protection for our kids as we leave them with my parents, and our protection while we are gone.  We ask for you to continue to pray that we would be filled with compassion and the love of Jesus and we meet with local on the ground.  Thanks so much as always for your continued prayers and financial support as you partner with us on this journey.  We are so thankful when we go, we are not alone!  We have a God who goes before us, and we have so many friends and families members who are alongside us, partnering with us from the states.

God Bless!




On the move again

21 Aug

This post is about 2 weeks late, sorry, we had internet issues the last couple of nights in Honduras and we have been traveling since then, so finally getting settled in and sending this out!





So here we are. The night before we get on a plane and head away from Honduras. Mixed emotions as we are very excited to continue on this journey God put us on a couple of years ago. Exicted to see friends and family and our church that we have missed so much. Excited to put everything we have learned into practice in our future ministry. But sad as we say goodbye to so many people who cared for us, ministered to us, and served us, much more than we deserved, the Hondurans. We could have never imagined that we would have been treated so well. When we were talking with all the Honduran house parents Sunday morning I shared a verse that has meant a lot to me over the years. Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 2:8, We cared so much for you that we were pleased to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us, and that is what I felt the Hondurans did with us, much more than we ever did for them. They cooked for us, talked with us, put up with our terrible spanglish, helped us with our house, getting things in the city, took me on motorcycle rides in the mountains where I would inevitably crash several times, brought us mangos, etc. We could go on and on about how amazing these people are. We will miss them so much, and the hardest thing is, we can’t promise them that we will ever see them again, though thankful for social media, we should at least be able to communicate.












We had planned to make a 10 day trip back to the states for a wedding, return back here and finish out our commitment until December when we make the final move back. But as the time drew closer, we realized it was best to make the final move now.


As for God’s ministry in the future through us, we have started a non-profit    501 (c)(3), 1 Path, that will guide the ministry at our next destination, which will be south east asia.  Our plan is to work with widows and single moms, raising support for them to provide for their physical needs, as well as working with local pastors who will provide for their most important spiritual needs. We hope to use the tool of dentistry to provide care and build trust with villages, partnering with local pastors and aiding them in church planting. And of course we look forward to developing a Christ-based family style orphanage. That is the future that we see God leading us to and we are excited.



So we ask for your prayers, prayers as we transition back to the states, and prays as we prepare for our next stop, that we would be completely in the midst of God’s perfect will for our lives.
For our financial supporters, we will be raising funds two separate ways. For our family living expenses, we will be raising our financial support through our partners at AIM, which is a US based nonprofit aiding missionaries. For the ministry, we will be raising funds through 1 Path. Our goal is for 90-95% of all funds raised for 1 Path to go straight to the field. No salaries or anything towards our family, all for the field minus bank fees and things like that. We hope in the future to allow people to sponsor particular children and families, though we are not to that point yet. We would love for you to pray about helping us in either of those two, and of course, always continue to keep us and the ministry of 1 Path in your prayers!  IMG_5129


Honduran Fathers

30 Jul

Our last post was all about our mother’s on the property and how we were fortunate enough to celebrate and try to bless, but not too much about our father’s.  The father’s here say that culturally the mom’s are always celebrated and the men don’t get anything!  Some I think would say that’s because the mom’s do all the work!  Cooking, cleaning, raising babies, having babies, etc.  But our men work hard here, day in and day out, when there is a project going on, something that needs to be repaired or fixed, something in town the needs to be done, these guys are on call.  So we wanted to do something special for them also.  We were fortunate to have some friends leave some money behind so we were able to bless these guys with a trip to the islands!  Cayos cochinos is a very small island off the coast of honduras and we were able to get a 45 min boat ride there and take them snorkeling around the reef. We were able to take our two house dads and three other of the workers on the property and everyone had a blast!  We made sure to apply plenty of sunscreen.









We were able to snorkel for about 2 hours, then we were able to walk    through a jungle looking for boa constrictor. We didn’t find anytime unfortunately, but we did catch some fish with our hands and two large orange star fish!










Then we were able to enjoy some fresh fried fish, rice and beans, and some fried bananas.













Hopefully we were able to encourage these guys, show them how thankful we are for their huge part in this ministry. They have been such a huge blessing to use and the kids here, hopefully we were able to do just a small part in blessing them in return! Thanks again for your prayers and support over the past year which has allowed us to follow God’s plan for us and share in the ministry here at GiveHope2Kids orphanage.
God Bless!
– Bakers

Mother’s Day

19 Jul
Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

May was a great month here at GiveHope2Kids.  We were able to get back into the swing of things and celebrate our moms several different times. The two most important parts of this ministry are of course, number one, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without whom, none of this would be possible. The second most important thing that keeps this ministry going day to day is our Honduran house parents. Without them we would not be able to function everyday here.

Will and Sinndia

Will and Sinndia


Oscar and Belkis

Oscar and Belkis

These families and their children live out for us each day Matthew 20:28 just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life—a ransom for many.”
Us Americans rarely show this type of lifestyle that they continually show and teach us each day. The way they constantly cook, clean, wash, care for the kids, share with us and teach us, put up with our poor spanish, work to maintain the property here, build and clean, is amazing to us.
So with the month of May, we were able to celebrate Mothers Day and take our Mother’s down to the city and help purchase supplies for their houses and kids, and give them a day away to rest.
It started off with a Mothers Day friday night youth service where we gave all the moms red roses and tried to encourage them through God’s word. Then we were able to spend time with all of the property moms on Mother’s Day. Thanks to all of our faithful supporters back home, we were able to help the ministry purchase their favorite food, fried chicken and fried bananas (tajadas) as well as pizza, pepsi, cake, more flowers and candy

. IMG_2957



Fried Chicken, Pizza, candy, flowers, pepsi

Fried Chicken, Pizza, candy, flowers, pepsi

Kids and adults were able to share some words, and we sang music and did a little dancing!



Unfortunately, we americans get a little carried away sometimes and end up like this
But it all made for good laughs and good food and a great time celebrating together.
The next week we were able to take all the moms down to the city and help buy pots and pans, cooking utensils, underwear for the kids, bras for the younger girls, (which left me and Will staring at each other for about an hour), of course a lunch with fried chicken, shampoo and conditioner, and shoes for all the kid

s. IMG_6803


If you look real close at this picture, you can see another treat, ice cream!

This was all possible because of all of you back home and continue to faithfully pray and give to God’s ministry here in Honduras. So we want to thank you, without your help and support none of this would have been possible.

We look forward in the next month sharing about our future.  As most of y’all know, our plan we to be here for 1 1/2 years learning, then to go out on our own, wherever God may lead to put everything we have learned into practice, and we look forward to sharing in the next couple of weeks!  God bless and thank you so much for your continued support!