Change Change Change!

22 Aug

One word to sum up the last few weeks is change! Change can be both exciting and intense all rolled up together. Our family has been taking this season of change into stride pretty well, I think. Maddie and Myra started a new school last week, so far they are loving it. It’s crazy that they’re in the 4th and 6th grade now.



Maddie and Myra on the first day of school.

A few days before they started school we moved into a new flat that’s in the same building as our foster children will be living. We’re looking forward to welcoming the children into Anchor home soon, we’re just waiting on a few details to be worked out.
The month of August brought with it 4 short term teams to SCH. These teams have been a huge blessing in helping us get our house moved as well as doing other projects around all 4 of the SCH homes. They have done everything from painting bed rooms, to cleaning baby bed mattresses, scrubbing kitchens, taking kids to the park,creating therapy rooms, painting 3D murals, and setting up new school rooms, amongst thousands of other things! We are so thankful for such a productive season!


Members of a World Race team painted this inside Anchor home.


Amazingly talented girls from North Ireland painted this 3D scene inside Anchor home.


Art work North Ireland team did with our kids.

As we prepare to move the kids into Anchor home, we have taken in 3 new foster children. 2 little guys that have been with SCH from birth (Clay and Eli) , and 1 baby girl who was brought to us just 2 days ago, Blaire.
Blaire is a year and a half old and was left by her parents at a local hospital with a fever and lung infection, amongst other issues. Today was spent gathering blood work and visiting doctors to determine how to best begin caring for Blaire. She started a round of antibiotics for the infection and is getting lots of love and attention. From what we observe, Blaire has cerebral palsy as well as some vision impairments. We look forward to getting to know Blaire and learn what makes her happy in the upcoming days!  Consider sponsoring Blaire monthly and watching her story unfold!  To partner with Blaire click the link in the comments and remember to choose the reoccurring  payment option.


Blaire waiting to see one of the doctors.


The doctors put an IV in her hand to giver her antibiotics.

We are so humbled by the opportunity to be here to love on the people and kids of South Asia.  The past year and a half has definitely been full of change, this is the kids 4th school, and our 3rd home, but through all of that, we have definitely felt God’s hand and provision though all of the seasons.  We can’t wait to see how this new season will unfold, but already our 2 girls are excited as can be and having a blast at their new school.  Maddie said tonight, “I used to think riding in a bus for 45 minutes to and from school would be tough, but now I get to ride with all my friends and talk, so it’s great!”  As many of you know, we have been praying for Maddie for quite awhile to adjust to living here, and this school and other international people her age is definitely started helping!  Thanks again for all your prayers, we are excited about all the changes and look forward to settling in to our new house with the kids as soon as they get to move in!


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