A Few Updates

30 Jul

We’ve enjoyed getting back in the swing of things as it’s been over a month since we’ve returned from our visa break to the States.  Our girls are adjusting back well and looking forward to starting school August 8th.  Currently we have 3 fun visitors in our home which has been so refreshing!

It’s been great being back with our kids and getting back in a routine.  Each day we have school at Rescue home from 10:00-1:00.  These kids have loved being back in circle time and working on their developmental goals again.  Some of the kids had many new things to show off!

Zack is combining 2 words together, waving, and making choices.


Zack loves playing with shaving cream.

Emi has started walking and is working on saying more words.  It took her a while to warm back up to us once we came back, but we’re making great progress!!



Kiara and Isabella are both walking around everywhere and are now attempting to say more words.  They are also learning how to walk up and down stairs.

IMG_1167 (1)

Kiara and Isabella playing together.

Eden is responding more to her implants.  She is making sounds and shows when she is pleased with a sound or is scared by it by her facial expressions.  She was sick with a fever for a week so wasn’t able to attend preschool or therapy, but she is feeling much better now!  She also celebrated her 2nd birthday earlier this month and is taking up to 10 steps independently.


Eden pushing her toy around.

Abigail is getting so tall and now has a new wheel chair thanks to a sweet family from the Birmingham, Al area.  She loves being bounced on the trampoline and will hold out her hand to play with a large beach ball.


Abigail and one of the other babies getting physical therapy.

Kristy still loves to snuggle and swing.  She is bearing more weight on her feet and continues to sit independently.  We did learn that Kristy has moderate hearing loss and we’re working towards having a pair of donated hearing aids programmed to meet her needs.


Kristy sitting like a big girl!

Connor is still a small little guy.  Lately he has been more fussy and only wanting his caregiver.  He has a difficult time soothing himself.  We work with him by bouncing him on a ball, swinging him, singing to him, and blowing bubbles with him.  Recently someone from he States donated an overnight feeding pump for him to use so we’re really looking forward to helping him put on a little weight with that as well as supplementing with pediasure as well as other nutritional calories.


Connor enjoying some outside time.

Margaret is still as beautiful as always.   She will reach out to grab a toy and bring it to her. She loves music and will sit with support.  Her ear surgery was a success and at her follow up yesterday her doctor was pleased with the results.  Each day she seems to be a little more comfortable and in less pain.   Margaret is in need of a wheelchair to help her position her body in a healthy way.  Stay tuned for more updates on the wheelchair and how you can help Margaret!


Margaret sitting in a borrowed wheel chair waiting for her turn with the physical therapist.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support as we are able to love on all of these children.  We are in the process of shifting the children out of Rescue home into a home a few streets over.  There are a few details that still need to be worked through, but we are looking forward to this fresh start.  Our family will also be shifting into a new flat which will be in the same building as the kids.  We will keep you updated on the exciting changes!

Most of our kids still need sponsorship.  We would love for all of our kids to one day be fully sponsored.  The cost of full sponsorship is 300$ a month with partial sponsorship starting at 25$.   Recently we’ve had a few sponsors who have had to end their commitment.  Would you be willing to partner with these kids and become a monthly sponsor?  Money goes towards a home, 3 meals a day, snack, therapies, and medical expenses.



Kiara only needs 20$ a month to be fully sponsored.  If you would like to partner with Kiara, send us a message and we’ll help you get started.



Zack needs 75$ a month to be fully sponsored.  If you would like to partner with Zack, send us a message and we’ll help you get started.



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