Headed Back!

2 Jun

Well, looks like it is finally time to head back home, to South Asia. It has been a great time back in the States visiting with friends and family! Really, it is pretty overwhelming how well ya’ll take care of us. From beds to sleep in, food to eat, the encouragement and the prayers have been amazing and we are so thankful for all the ways everyone provided for us! But we really miss all the kids back at SCH, and the curry and spice! We are looking forward to getting back to our home and having the same place to sleep every night and driving on the opposite side of the road where we don’t have to follow as many traffic rules! We are looking forward to seeing Eden and how far she has come along since her cochlear implant processors were turned on. We look forward to taking back a wheelchair that someone donated for us that Kristy and Abigail can share until we are able to get both of them one. We are looking forward to seeing Zach’s huge smile, because he is always happy! Seeing Connor laid back and chilling with a smile on his face, and seeing Isabella walking and getting into all sorts of messes. We get to see how well Margaret is doing since she had surgery on both of her ears. And then there is Kiara and her beautiful smile! We look forward to seeing Emi finally walking!

We are also excited to get back and continue forward with relationships we have made with some of the locals there. And it has been a little while since I have pulled a tooth, I hope I haven’t forgotten how to grip and rip them out! We are excited about getting back and meeting with all the guys and girls who are long term volunteers on Tuesday nights, eating together and worshipping, praying and digging into scripture together. Well, maybe there aren’t any other guys, yet, but we are taking applications for more men! Feel free to email here for more info! We are also looking forward to getting back into trying to learn Telegu, a difficult language, but something that is necessary to learn in order to be able to share our story and God’s story to people. We look forward to seeing our friends from 3 Circle church this October as they prepare to bring 15 people over to serve. We are excited about hosting them and trying to figure out how to even host that many people! Last year was just 4, this year 15, next year, who knows???

As you can tell, that is a lot to be excited about, but also we will really miss our friends, our families, our church, and all of our partners here. We will miss Dr. Pepper, the food we grew up eating, Dinglewood scrambled dogs, bbq, steak, etc. It’s exciting to get back, but also wish we could take all of you and the food with us back over, so, does anyone want to come visit? 🙂 We would love to have you over to experience life with us over in South Asia and get to meet all these amazing kids that God has done some amazing things in. We are looking forward to having Ellie Northcutt staying with us for the month of July and then my sister and one of her roommates come also at the end of July. It’s exciting for us to see people following God and seeing what He is doing around the world!

We are still a little short on our monthly finances, so as always, we would love any partnerships that would help in that regards. Also, one of our goals during our trip back was to get more sponsors for our kids at SCH, and though we handed out a lot of prayer cards for them, we haven’t seen much towards their monthly sponsorships. We would love if you wanted to partner with us and SCH and our kids. All of our kids still need sponsorships, besides Connor and Kiara. So please contact us if you would like to sponsor one of our kids! For us personally, there is a link on the side of this page for our finances, fully tax-deductible as always! Thanks as always for the prayers, encouragement, support and partnership the past 3 years!

God Bless



One Response to “Headed Back!”

  1. Peg Jones July 3, 2017 at 5:21 pm #

    What a marvelous Log! I read every word and it gave me more information of how vast and difficult your ministry is! I pray for you daily! The Lord moved me regarding several things your doing! We love you,ugh! Peg Jones

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