Summer’s Over!

20 Jul

It has been a really good, yet really busy past month and a half. Our girls had the privilege of going back to the states with my parents at the end of May, and were able to spend all of June going to summer camp, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends and family. We were so blessed by our family and friends that made all this happen for them. We are so thankful for the family and friends that God has put in our lives that care for our children so much. They came back the first week of July, and thankfully, actually seemed excited to be back! So Praise God for their hearts being ready to get back over here!  And they seemed actually pretty excited to be starting school again today.

IMG_7975During the time while they were gone, we were able to get adjusted to the new apartment we moved to at the end of May, and were able to get our feet wet and start working with a local children’s home with kids with special needs. We won’t post the name here on the blog, because this is a public forum and anyone can read and know exactly where we are, but we will post more on facebook and in our prayer updates. (If you aren’t getting our prayer updates, please let us know and we will add your email address to it) We also can’t post full picture of faces due to government regulations here.


IMG_8206We are working with this home, helping foster around 26 kids, ages 6 months to 12 years old. There disabilities range from cerebral palsy, spina bifida, hydrocephalous, blindness, and ereythmalysis bullosa. We just had an amazing team from Switzerland come for 2 weeks.

sometimes we just have to get really close to the worship music!

sometimes we just have to get really close to the worship music!

The team was made up of physical therapist, occupational therapists, special educators, nurses, doctors and they were able to give us lots of tips and advice for ways we could better help these kids.  It was pretty cool for us to see people from so many different backgrounds all gather to help for the same purpose.  God created us all, with so many different gifts and talents, but yet we can be unified through all of that for His Glory.  No one being left behind, but all having a purpose that we can use to show His love and share His message.  We look forward to over the next couple of weeks trying to implement these things we have learned from the team.

We were also able to partner with some friends here trying to engage an unreached people group in June.  We were able to visit a smaller city and host a dental camp at a local church.  It was a lot of fun to get out of the city and see some of the country and smaller cities.  We were able to see and treat about 70-80 patients and hopefully help create some new relationships with locals there that will help the spread of the Gospel to an unreached group.

IMG_5964 IMG_7591While we were there, we also were able to visit a local children’s home.  The home had about 40 kids there, all supported locally, and we were able to share a little about our God’s story in our life and the Gospel.  Of course, we were also able to share some mango juice



and cookies with them also!  It is always exciting for us to see locals living out God’s plan for their lives!  IMG_7560 IMG_7532


The father’s story is pretty cool, his wife was pregnant and had gotten very sick, the Doctor thought that she would die while giving birth.  The father kept thinking, how can I raise a kid without the child’s mother.  Thanks to God, the mother survived and their family is healthy and growing.  But God used that trial for His Glory, using it to place a desire in their hearts to help orphans, those without parents, and so this home started.  Isn’t is amazing that God can use any hurt, or trial for His Glory, and He can use all of that in a way that we can help others in the future going through similar situations?

Fortunately we have also had several opportunities to share with our neighbors around us about what God has done in our lives, about how our lives were different before our relationship with God, how He changed us, and He can change others also.  The Gospel works for everyone, regardless of what situation anyone is in, we are all sinners, separated from God, but by His love and mercy and grace, He sent His only Son, to die on  a Cross, so we could have forgiveness of our sins, our relationship with Him could be restored.  He raised Jesus from the dead, defeating death!  That is a story that is good news for everyone, in every situation.  IMG_7681

And the great thing about that story, and the story of God working in your life, is that it is not just for pastor’s to share on stage on sunday mornings, it is not just for people who live overseas to share, it is a story that we all can share, everywhere.  Whether we are in our homes, our neighborhoods, our communities, no matter where we are, we can all share God’s story, to anyone and everyone.


DSC02258Praise God we also finally received our stuff that had been locked up in customs since february.  We were able to receive everything the night before the kids arrived back here.  We were able to put their beds together, so that when they got here in the morning, they were able to walk into their new room, finally with a bed!  They were pretty excited to finally be able to get settled in and start decorating their room!  Air mattresses can get a little old after awhile for sure.  That is not all of our stuff in the picture, it consists of some of our home stuff, 12,000 pairs of flip-flops, another families home goods, and supplies for a school in a different city!

Thanks again for all your support and prayers over the past several months, it has definitely made a huge difference in our lives here.  We look forward to posting in the near future about how you can get involved with the special needs children’s home we serve alongside, how you can help with prayers, sponsorships, medical bills and supplies, etc.  Thanks again for everything!

God bless



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  1. sheilakinsaul July 20, 2015 at 4:27 pm #

    I enjoyed reading the article and catching up. With the girls getting back and the furniture out of customs, you must be so excited. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

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