Back in ‘Merica

31 Oct

The past 2 months have been a world wind of traveling and fun catching up with friends and family back here in the states.  We have been blessed by an amazing outpouring of support from everyone.  People have offered so much help to us and we are so appreciative.  We have settled in Loxley, Al the past month, living at the parsonage of Loxley First Baptist which we are very thankful to have the use of.  The first 6 weeks being back in the states was a little bit of a challenge living out of a suitcase, but it has been great being able to unpack and get back to some serious homeschool with the kids, though I’m sure the kids would have enjoyed not getting back into that yet.  We have had friends at church offer us vehicles, furniture, dishes, beds, etc.  Our home church in Fairhope, 3 Circle Church, has continued to go above and beyond anything we could ever deserve, and we are so thankful for that.

getting to meet Jannybel!

getting to meet Jannybel!

Just a little update on what has been going on since we have been back.  We were able to visit some friends, Josh and Diana Britnell in Nicaragua at Children of Destiny Orphanage for a week to get another look at how an orphanage is being run and try to learn some more about orphan ministry.  It was a really good experience, meeting all the beautiful kids there, and seeing how all the Nicaraguans work together and seeing how the Britnells and Children of Destiny are empowering the locals to leadership within the orphanage.  While we were there, we got to go swim in an old volcano.  Seriously, that was awesome!  DSC02218




A volcano which was inactive, had filled up over many years and the water was beautiful.  Then we were able to meet our Compassion child Jannybel.  It was amazing seeing the compassion center near her home, meeting her and her family, and visiting her home.  It seemed she was very excited to meet us.  All the girls immediately starting holding hands and walking around talking to each other.  Her mom even cooked some food for us, with Coke!  It really was pretty cool seeing Compassion at work, and the difference Jesus was making in Jannybell’s life through Compassion.  Hearing her prayers at meals was exciting!

Excited to speak English with each other!

Excited to speak English with each other!

Since we have been back from Nicaragua, we have been keeping busy preparing for our upcoming move to South Asia, homeschool with the girls, Cynt has been fortunate to be able to do some substitute teaching at Loxley Elementary School and I have had the opportunity to work several days in Atmore, Al at Atmore Family Dental.  Over the past month it has been unbelievable how God has continued to open doors for our upcoming move and how He continues to reconfirm the direction He has pointed us toward.  We applied for 5 year visas, but when we went to get our passports, we were given 10 year visas instead.  We have also had the opportunity to meet with a family in our hometown of Columbus which has been doing ministry in South Asia for 30 years and they have given us tons of info and helped us to make even more contacts over there.  All of this has been absolutely unbelievable the amount of help and info we have received from everyone.

The start of the non-profit for the ministry, 1 PATH, is going well.  We are just waiting for final approval from the government, which can take a couple of months, but we can already start receiving donations which will be tax deductible.

Tomorrow Cynthia and I will travel overseas to South Asia for two weeks as we look to figure out exactly where we will live and meet with several different people on the ground we hope to partner with in ministry while we are there.

We ask for prayers as we travel, prayers for wisdom and guidance, protection for our kids as we leave them with my parents, and our protection while we are gone.  We ask for you to continue to pray that we would be filled with compassion and the love of Jesus and we meet with local on the ground.  Thanks so much as always for your continued prayers and financial support as you partner with us on this journey.  We are so thankful when we go, we are not alone!  We have a God who goes before us, and we have so many friends and families members who are alongside us, partnering with us from the states.

God Bless!





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  1. Tammy A. November 1, 2014 at 12:10 am #

    Amazing! My prayers are with you on you new journey!

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