Honduran Fathers

30 Jul

Our last post was all about our mother’s on the property and how we were fortunate enough to celebrate and try to bless, but not too much about our father’s.  The father’s here say that culturally the mom’s are always celebrated and the men don’t get anything!  Some I think would say that’s because the mom’s do all the work!  Cooking, cleaning, raising babies, having babies, etc.  But our men work hard here, day in and day out, when there is a project going on, something that needs to be repaired or fixed, something in town the needs to be done, these guys are on call.  So we wanted to do something special for them also.  We were fortunate to have some friends leave some money behind so we were able to bless these guys with a trip to the islands!  Cayos cochinos is a very small island off the coast of honduras and we were able to get a 45 min boat ride there and take them snorkeling around the reef. We were able to take our two house dads and three other of the workers on the property and everyone had a blast!  We made sure to apply plenty of sunscreen.









We were able to snorkel for about 2 hours, then we were able to walk    through a jungle looking for boa constrictor. We didn’t find anytime unfortunately, but we did catch some fish with our hands and two large orange star fish!










Then we were able to enjoy some fresh fried fish, rice and beans, and some fried bananas.













Hopefully we were able to encourage these guys, show them how thankful we are for their huge part in this ministry. They have been such a huge blessing to use and the kids here, hopefully we were able to do just a small part in blessing them in return! Thanks again for your prayers and support over the past year which has allowed us to follow God’s plan for us and share in the ministry here at GiveHope2Kids orphanage.
God Bless!
– Bakers


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