Christmas in the Jungle

25 Jan

Our family celebrated Christmas differently than any other Christmas in the past. This year we spent the week taking care of 5 children here on the property in their home. The house parents to these 5 children were able to spend 8 days with their family in the city while our family moved into the house to attempt to hold down the fort. We had a blast spending time with these kiddos, but I’m not going to lie, it was hard. Maddie and Myra loved every minute of being with the kids. Let’s just say that I have a whole new respect for these house parents and have been humbled by this experience. We would absolutely do it all over again!
Here in Honduras, Christmas is celebrated on Dec. 24, and it’s safe to say that these people know how to celebrate. We all gathered for a meal of tamales and chicken sandwiches, then we were able to watch each child open 2 gifts each. Thank you to our friends who helped to make this happen. It was a special day for everyone here on the property.
We are in the middle of rainy season here which has been a bit of a learning experience for us. We have learned that if the sun shines even for only a few minutes, we wash clothes and hang them up as quickly as possible. We’ve also learned that rain on a tin roof means you stare at each other instead of talking because the rain is so loud. We don’t let it stop us from having fun, though!
We have witnessed growth in the kids here on the property in many areas. Many of our preschoolers who are developmentally delayed are showing signs of progress. Some who had been nonverbal or had speech delays, are now using words to communicate. They are also learning their numbers and colors as well as valuable social skills. We have also witnessed some of the young boys on the property working beside the house dads by doing chores such as feeding the pigs and chopping with machetes. We have also enjoyed watching our own kids grow and adapt to their new home. Maddie continues to help lead the girls here in dance and is now learning to play the drums. She had the opportunity to play at our youth service a few weeks ago and rocked it! Myra continues to get better and better at reading (Frog and Toad is her favorite). One of her favorite things to do is to walk up to the Pulporia, which is a tiny store that is run out of a house here in the village. She loves paying for her own snack and getting change back.
Our family appreciates your thoughts, prayers, and support so much. We are thankful to all of you who have been on this journey with us and look forward to seeing what God has in store for us in the future.

We will be traveling back to the states mid February for about 7 weeks and are looking forward to spending time visiting with friends and family. During that time we will also travel to India for 10 days with a small group to meet with a local pastor who has a desire to start an orphanage. Please be in prayer with us as we prepare for this trip. We hope to see many of our friends while we’re back!!

The Bakers


One Response to “Christmas in the Jungle”

  1. Cyndi Wheeler January 25, 2014 at 5:22 pm #

    Loved your update and know that God is doing wonderful things through all the lives you are touching. May each one “pay it forward” and change a whole community! You are in our thoughts and prayers!

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