part 2 of our last 5 months

19 Nov

We hope things are going well for all of our friends and family back home. We miss all of you so much! We hope you were able to read our blog last week on an update of the last 5 months, and we hope to finish explaining what has been going on in this blog. If you weren’t able to read it last week, here is a link for it

We talked about our kids going to the local village school in Urraco, here are a couple of pics of a parade they were able to join in as they marched up and down the village.


They had a lot of fun practicing with the girls dancing and using pom poms. Cynthia was able to spend some time with the house moms here at GiveHope2Kids making them from scratch.

Be careful if you do come here to visit, our village is protected by some of these boys with some serious wooden guns!

School here ends at the start of November and begins back in early Feb. The calendar is made around the rainy season, which we are on the verge of beginning here. With the end of school in the villages, so also comes an end to our afternoon school we have been hosting here. On Monday, at our celebration, we had around 70 kids here eating popcorn, drinking pepsi, and watching movies together. Amazingly, we started with only about 55 kids, so through 2-3 months of we actually grew instead of shrunk, so that was very encouraging. We were able to offer bible class on Tuesdays, which was a lot of fun. Its obvious that God was moving in these kids lives, at the end of classes, we had at least 7-8 kids make decisions to follow God with their lives. I know it had nothing to do with my teaching or ability, but our amazing God that we served. It was very exciting to be able to be apart of what God was doing through that class. During class, we would sing songs together, read the Word, and discuss what Jesus was saying through His Word. We talked about shadrach, mesach, and Abednego, we talked about Jesus feeding the 5,000, Jesus calming the storm, Jesus forgiving the lady caught in adultery, Peter and Jesus walking on water, and some other stories. I’m excited about what will be happening in this class when we start back in Feb.



Our Friday night church service has been going well, sometimes we have over 100 people coming to worship through music and teaching. It has been really exciting here recently as we have been blessed to have some local Hondurans leading the services in both the worship music and the teaching. Sometimes when we are desperate, us gringos have to do the teaching, but fortunately most of the time that is not the case. What is neat is seeing God raise of leaders here to do His work, not just us being sent here, but people here being empowered to do His mission.

On that note, we are praying about starting a discipleship group here with some local teenage, young adult people here. Hoping to learn together about Jesus and His mission and how we can all be apart of that. So please be in prayer about that with us, who would be involved, what the group would look like, and how we can help to raise up more leaders who would then want to raise up leaders.

We have really enjoyed being able to send mail back to the States and getting packages from our family and friends there. IMG_3569

We are trying our best to learn how to cook Honduran food so we are fortunate to have several great moms and kids here that will help teach us. We have also found a local delivery service up here at the top of the mountain. The kids have names here dominos, because she delivers. Angelina is a grandmother who she makes money by cooking tamales, tortillas, and postillitos and selling them in the village. We love ordering food from her, usually once or twice a week!


The jungle we live in is beautiful and we have been able to take numerous hikes up and down the mountains. Sometimes our days are filled with preparing for and ministering to the kids here in the village, and everyonce in awhile we get to take a step back and hang with our local Hondurans here at the orphanage. We have several good hunters and fisherman and they take us on hikes and fishing trips in the mountains. One Saturday, several of us guys took off through the woods for about an hour and found a little fishing hole where we used small spear guns they guys make to shoot some fish and eel and then we were able to build a fire there on the rocks and eat some fish and bread. Pretty amazing experience.! Sometimes I think these guys here teach us much more than we teach them.



Also on Saturdays, a vegetable truck comes up the mountain and we get to buy fresh peppers, onions, tomatos and other items right on the side of the road. It’s a lot of fun getting everyone together and buying everything. Sorting everything out at the end can be pretty humorous at times.

We were also able take all the kids and house parents to the beach about a month ago. We got to eat Chinese on the beach in Honduras with everyone. The kids had a lot of fun, and I think everyone got sunburned! But it was nice to get away and relax, and enjoy each other.

We have also been able to have several bonfires and even been able to roast marshmallows with the kids. They had a blast, and I think maddie had fun also. To tell you the truth, one of the biggest blessings from God we have received so far, is seeing how God has helped our kids adjust so well and so quickly to the different culture down here. Maddie has the best Spanish out of all of us, and the other day, she even told us, I miss home, but I think I’m liking Honduras more and more each day. The has been a huge answer to our prayers, and just continues to show us we are exactly where God wants us right now.

We miss everyone back home and think about ya’ll often. Love ya’ll and thanks so much for the prayers!


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